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Important Notes

  • 1. Please use the northeast main entrance on Dale Ave and proceed in one direction when dropping-off or picking-up your child. There are two exits out of the parking lot: one to the southeast exiting onto Dale Ave, and one to southwest exiting onto Ball Rd. The southwest gate is open only before and after school. It is a right turn only exit. (View parking map) During the drop-off and pick-up of students, the parking lot becomes very congested. Please do not double park and do park in a marked parking spot until your child is ready. To keep students safe and the traffic as smooth as possible, we request your compliance.
  • 2. For volunteers and observation visits, please follow the procedure:

    a. Find out from the classroom teacher when they need help in the class.

    b. If you intend to observe a class, check with the office when it will be convenient.

    c. On the day of your volunteer/observation, come to the office and sign-in. You will be issued a visitor tag.

    d. When you are finished, return the tag to the office and sign-out.

  • 3. Please inform your child’s teacher in advance if he/she has a scheduled absence or is in need of an early dismissal. In case of unexpected absences, please call the school office so that we can inform the teacher. Homework can be picked up or sent via mail in self-addressed and stamped envelopes provided to the teacher.
  • 4. Bringing iPods, handheld games, laptops and/or any electronic devices to school is prohibited. The school is not liable for any broken, stolen or misplaced item.



Rules for Students and Parents

Please read the rules for students and parents who attend Orange County Japanese School.

Campus Map and Teacher Introductions

You can confirm classroom number, residing grade and teacher.


Japanese School Newspaper

The school newspaper is issued twice a year with school news and notices. The summer edition also includes student work.
Back number:

2016 Fall Issue
2016 Summer Issue
2015 Fall Issue
2015 Summer Issue
2014 Fall Issue
2013 Summer Issue
2012 Summer Issue
2011 Fall Issue
2010 Fall Issue


We accept donations throughout the year at Orange County Japanese School. There is no limit to your donation. For those of you in support of the passing on of the Japanese language and culture, please send your check to the address below.

Orange County Japanese School
909 South Dale Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92804
(Please make checks payable to Orange County Japanese School)