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2016-2017 School Year Classrooms

2016-2017 OCJS Teachers

Kindergarten Akane Seto
Evelyn Sakata
Kindergarteners entering in August express a mix of anxiety and expectation toward their first taste of school life and the Japanese they don’t normally use. Then again parents, who send them off and watch over their development, are probably feeling the same. For the benefit of the students and the family that supports them, I want build a foundation in kindergarten. A foundation where coming to school and learning Japanese is fun.
1 Kumiko Iwakura  
2nd Noriko Mamiya  
3rd Chieko Wheeler  
4th Ko Sakai It is important to have fun while learning Japanese, but it is also important to learn about Japanese culture. Therefore I will do my best to introduce the students to Japanese customs as well.
5th Michio Okamoto  
6th Sayuri Nishi  
7th Keiko Yoshimura The students will start using new textbooks in 7th Grade. I would like my students to be excited and confident for what they have learned each week and in each lesson. My goal is that all of my students will be confident and see how much their Japanese has improved in a year.
8th Tamiko Yoneda Kai Sakai “Language learning is cultural learning.” When studying Japanese, you notice that Japanese culture plays an intimate role in the language. In 8th grade we will keep that in mind as we continue our study of Japanese.
9th Etsuko Osawa In addition to continuing with the focus on the ability to speak, l intend to incorporate lesson content to further develop the important conversational skill of listening.
10th Toyomi Morishita  
11th - 12th Sen Miyamoto The objective of 11th and 12th Grade is to prepare students for pursuit of the Japanese language study after their graduation from OCJS. It includes essential aspects of Comparison, Connections, Culture and Community related to their Japanese language study and their post graduate environment. We focus on communication skills in all 3 modes (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational).
Adult Level 1 - 2  Kai Sakai Focusing on conversational ability students will work to achieve confidence in basic level interactions.
Lvl 1 will cover Genki 1 Lesson 1-6
Lvl 2 will cover 
Genki 1 Lesson 7-12.
Adult Advanced Minoru Suzuki