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Level Based Classes are (as of 7/23/2015) not offered due to insufficient enrollment. Your child will be assessed and after consultation will be placed in the corresponding grade level according to his/her knowledge/ability.

Beginner Class

Students learn Hiragana and Katakana and the basics of Japanese. They also practice basic grammar, reading short stories and greetings. Textbook is “Elementary Japanese.”


Intermediate Class

Students further expand Hiragana and Katakana vocabulary, as well as practicing the reading and writing of words and sentences. Students also learn basic Kanji, particles, counting, days of the week and expressing actions. Textbook is “Intermediate Japanese.”


Advanced Class

Students learn verb conjugation, modifying words, and a wide range of grammar as well as expanding vocabulary through the use of Kanji. They also practice reading longer texts and essay writing. Textbook is “Advanced Japanese.”